The Benefits of PR Evaluation for Current Communication and Youth Oasis

The following blog post was written by Abby Thevenot, research director for Current Communications

As the semester comes to a close, and our campaign comes to an end, Current Communications is at a crucial step in the process. After Youth Oasis hosts its Family Fest event at Acacia Church on Sunday, April 19, we will begin evaluating not only our campaign and our hard work, but also the event and our effect on the public.

There are many components of a campaign that need to be evaluated: goals, objectives, tactics and more. Although this takes time and can be tedious, there are many benefits for conducting proper PR evaluation. According to PRSA, properly evaluating a campaign can validate results, link the results to business outcome to further the achievement of the organization, credibly merchandise the impact of results, set better objectives, develop better strategies, employ more engaging tactics, make midcourse adjustments and adapt measurement approaches over time (

These are all great benefits of evaluating a campaign. By having valid results to link to  the achievement of our organization, and learning what you can do better, your campaign have a significant chance to greatly improve.

Throughout our campaign, Current Communications has also had to make adjustments in order to better our campaign. Our goals, objectives, strategies and tactics have all changed for reasons we believe improved our campaign. The changes we have made have not only helped us, but also made our client happy, which is always important in public relations.

After our event, we plan to send out another survey, which we hope will give us better insight as to what our audience has learned and how their perspective of Youth Oasis has changed. By doing so, we will be able to gather more information to evaluate to hopefully improve even further. Although the members of Current Communications graduate in May, we hope that we are leaving Youth Oasis with enough knowledge and tools to continue our efforts and make Youth Oasis a better place.

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