Current Communications creates PR tactics to reach Youth Oasis’ publics

The following blog post was written by Seth DiSalvo, design director for Current Communications.

Research gathered. Check. Publics identified. Check.


After the backbreaking work of collecting all of this data and crunching the numbers, how is this all translated into deliverable tactics that will help the organization grow and prosper?

Everything goes back to the mission of the organization, which is the heart of the organization.

“To provide emergency shelter and necessary support services to runaway, abandoned, and homeless youth ages 10 – 25 within the Baton Rouge Area, enabling them to transition into responsible and successful citizens.”

Youth Oasis Mission Statement

Current Communications, as expressed by its name, operates under the guiding principle that information must be current and speak to the core message, or heart of the organization. Following the guidelines of Youth Oasis’ mission, each of the tactics and channels used to create awareness for Youth Oasis must match this statement.

In every social media post, each graphic created and each piece of written communication must be paid careful attention in order to effectively communicate and educate the people in the Greater Baton Rouge area about the services that Youth Oasis offers.

thanksgiving1Based on psychological research on Ericson’s Stages of Psychological Development, people who are ages 30-45 fall under a category of individuals who start to feel responsible for giving back to their community and in turn back to themselves. (Everyone knows the positive feeling one experiences when giving back to others. Why else do we have a holiday based on giving thanks?)


Not many people would debate helping out someone in need. But there is a disconnect. One can come up with a million ideas on paper, but it is motivating publics to donate their time, money or effort to help out an organization that is a real challenge. Why is this so?

The simple answer is that there are millions of people with millions of ideas competing for millions of peoples’ attention for his or her own organizations.

How does one stand out? The simple, yet challenging answer is to make people notice your organization.

Faced with this reality, Current Communications knows that engaging print and digital materials- whether that is press releases, event fliers, social media campaigns, infographics or pushcards- are a must in order for our clients to achieve their goals. Facebook and Twitter, especially,  must be utilized on a daily basis with content geared toward promoting the organization. We’ve found through our primary research that Youth Oasis’ key public uses Facebook daily, so focusing on that channel has been a major aspect of our campaign so far.

With the continued expansion of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and countless others being created, it is imperative that Youth Oasis and other organizations let their messages be seen. The key is that these messages always reinforce its mission.


In the end, it must come full circle. In any tactic utilized, the individuals who donated time, money and effort must know that organization cares about them as well.


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