The Importance of Public Relations Research for Current Communications and Youth Oasis

The following blog post was written by Abby Thevenot, research director for Current Communications

Research is not what people typically think of as the most exciting part of a public relations campaign, but it is essential. Research is the basis of any successful campaign. It tells you where to start, where to end and how to improve your results.


In this article published by PR Daily, it states that there are four ways doing research can gain new business. One of the reasons that stood out to me the most was that research helps you to demonstrate your understanding of the client, which is exactly what Current Communications is trying to do through our survey. By gathering more information about our target audience through primary research, we will be about to take our findings back to our client and show them exactly who is aware of Youth Oasis, how the organization is perceived by their key public and what needs to be done to improve the organization. Another reason that stood out to me was to show that you are willing to go the extra mile. Current Communications is always striving to do our best work and keep our client happy. By doing our research, it will be easier to satisfy our client by providing our best work. Lastly, according to PR Daily, doing research helps you stay ahead of the curve. That is essentially the mission of Current Communications, to stay up to date with trends and use that knowledge to propel our clients and our work forward.

According to an article by Snap Surveys, the main reasons to conduct research using a survey are to uncover answers, evoke discussion, base decisions on objective information and compare results. This is why we thought a survey would be the perfect way to gather the information we need to produce a successful campaign.


Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.15.13 PM

With recent approval from IRB, Current Communications has finally begun distributing a survey to gain more knowledge about young professionals, ages 30-45, in the Baton Rouge area and their perceptions of Youth Oasis and local nonprofits. So far, our survey has told us that not many people know about Youth Oasis and the services it provides. This brings us to one of our campaign objectives and the purpose of our kickoff event, which is to raise awareness for Youth Oasis. Based on the survey results we have received so far, we know that in order to garner more funding, more people need to know about Youth Oasis and what a great organization it is.

For more information on Youth Oasis, visit its website, Facebook or Twitter.

We’re excited to announce that we are OFFICIALLY hosting the Youth Oasis Family Fest to benefit Youth Oasis Children’s Shelter. We have partnered with incredible team at Acacia Church and will be holding this stellar event at their facility. Keep following along with us to see the progress of this super exciting event.


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