Public relations writing: How Current Communications is using this foundation to build relationships between Youth Oasis and its publics

The following blog post was written by Kaitlyn Mercer, writing director for Current Communications.

There’s really only one thing that sets us millennium-age humans apart from our primitive ancestors.

Hint: it isn’t the hairstyles. char-caveman-0

Our forefathers communicated with symbols and pictographs that got the message across, but they didn’t quite have the clarity or finesse of today’s written language. Cave-friends couldn’t text about their crazy night out, so they resigned to communicating and recording messages with simple pictures.

Wait a second. Caveman symbols sound dangerously close to these things.


Societal regression: DO NOT WANT.

We’ve come a long way since cave drawings (though some habits die hard. I’m side-eye facing you, emojis), and the foundation of communication is certainly adequate writing. From a public relations perspective, communication is everything.

A PR professional without excellent writing skills… No words can describe.

From the mouth of the communication expert himself, Ron Burgundy.

We at Current Communications take great care to ensure we thoroughly educate ourselves and write with our client’s message and key publics in mind. This Forbes article was particularly inspiring to yours truly. As writing director, I’m able to use my greatest passion– writing– and apply my skills and knowledge to the Youth Oasis campaign that we’re working on at Current Communications. The article suggests that perfectly tailored and timed pitch letters and press releases are key to reaching the media and your publics. The article also encourages PR professionals to think out of the box and be controversial, sharp and opinionated. Done, done and done.

Current Communications is waist deep in writing deliverables for our Youth Oasis campaign, so this blog post is at a most opportune time. While we’re writing fundraising letters, media advisories and campaign book elements, we are always brainstorming and writing through the lens of raising awareness for Youth Oasis’ services in Baton Rouge. We’re writing so often and connecting with people in the community so frequently that you’d think we were putting on a huge festival in support of Youth Oasis.

We at Current Communications are pretty devoted to writing the best content possible for our clients. So devoted that we’re even listening to a podcast about it. If there’s one thing we want to do well, it’s write clearly and effectively.

We don’t want to have this situation:


For more information on Youth Oasis, visit its website, Facebook or Twitter.

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In other news, we’ve got a really exciting announcement coming up. I would tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

Okay, we’re not that extreme. Put on your thinking cap, and I bet you can find some clues in this post as to what the event might entail.


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