Current Communications exhibits professionalism and competence through advocacy for Youth Oasis

The following blog post was written by Sandra Castillo, strategy director for Current Communications.

wordlePublic relations, “is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics, ” as defined by PRSA and national professional public relations organization. As PR professionals, we are working on behalf of an organization and engaging with its publics, thus we are expected to act professionally at all times. Ethics has a direct relation to professionalism. PRSA has created an ethical guideline, where professionalism is given high importance. It touches on several aspects such as advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness.

At Current Communications, our mission is to move our clients forward in the ever-changing world of public relations and media. Our efforts are aimed by holding ourselves accountable to the PRSA professional guidelines. Our client, Youth Oasis, expects quality work and positive feedback from those we reach out to and collaborate with on behalf of their organization. PRSSA at LSU, a professional PR student organization, has taught us these values from the beginning via guest speakers, experience in community service and various committees available for us to join. These values are then reiterated to us in our media ethics course and again when we gain experience at our internships.

Now, we are given the chance to demonstrate our professional values as a team and fulfill our ethical duties with our client, Youth Oasis. All of these values and experiences we have acquired have made us competent professionals. Competence is defined as, “the ability to do something well, ” by Merriam-Webster. We have received a solid foundation of skills from the Manship School of Mass Communication. Yet, our skills are nothing without our professional values. They go hand in hand.

In working with Youth Oasis, we plan to exhibit our PR advocacy by serving our client in relaying messages to its public to inform them of a serious issue plaguing the Baton Rouge area, child homelessness. However, we will remain honest in our messages and loyal to both our client and the public interest. We are independent from the organization and must keep in mind that our actions are our own responsibility. Therefore, we will respect all opinions and treat our peers, client and publics with fairness. Lastly, as our mission states, we will stay at the forefront of PR strategies and implement both traditional and non-traditional tactics in our efforts with Youth Oasis.

Stay tuned to see how this partnership develops.

For more information on Youth Oasis, visit its website, Facebook or Twitter.


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