Current Communications exhibits PR expertise with its first client Youth Oasis

The following blog post was written by Lexi Verret, event director for Current Communications.

Current Communications is a recent addition to the industry of agency public relations. Although our agency was founded in January of 2015, our team members are more than proficient. Each member has been well prepared through four years of the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University’s extensive curriculum and through professional experiences, such as internships. We plan to showcase our expertise in the field of public relations through our first client, Youth Oasis.

Current Communications believes that there is a strategic process to creating and implementing an effective public relations campaign. This strategic process is known as ROPES, which stands for research, objectives, programming, evaluation and stewardship. It is our belief that all work produced by our agency should adhere to this process and stress the importance of completing the steps in order.

Our agency believes that an effective campaign should begin with research. We agree with Chrystl Sanchez, assistant account executive at Weber Shandwick, on the importance of research. “Research is the center of everything we do as PR pros,” says Sanchez. We believe that without extensive research, the other parts of the ROPES process cannot be achieved. Research is a crucial starting point to a campaign that allows our team members to strategically plan goals that are reasonable for our client to achieve. Research also provides a benchmark to display our client’s growth through our public relations efforts and allows us to make efficient and informed decisions.


Once the research step is complete, Current Communications will analyze our findings to develop goals and objectives. One goal for Youth Oasis is to increase awareness of the organization and its services in the Baton Rouge area. With this goal in mind, our team will focus our objectives to target a specific market and build awareness. We must decide whether to host an event, improve the organization’s social media presence or increase its traditional media coverage. Once a decision is made the team will then create a public relations plan to concisely convey our campaign’s strategic message. Our team will evaluate during each step of the ROPES process to ensure that all parts in the process are being met and to guarantee the outcome of our plan.

Stewardship is the final step in the ROPES process and completes expertise in the field by exhibiting an organization’s high regard for customer service. It displays an organization’s gratitude to those who helped contribute to the success of reaching its goals. Stewardship helps strengthen the relationship formed with the client through ensuring all promises were fulfilled, and making sure all events ran smoothly.

Current Communications will put the ROPES process into action through our work with Youth Oasis. Our team is currently on the research step of the process and will be developing more resolute objectives to reach the organization’s goals in the near future. We hope to help the organization achieve its goal of increasing awareness in the Baton Rouge area and hope to prove our expertise throughout the rest of our campaign.


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